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Specialty Apparatus

Besides fire, the Fire Department has many different purposes and goals. Therefore, we must maintain vehicles that give us the ability of versatility. Giving the department that measure of versatility, these vehicles are key additions to our fleet.

Rescue/Medic 651

Ford Box Rescue Truck
Serves as Rescue Unit, Medical Responder Unit, and Service Truck
Total Seats- 5, 3 seats
with SCBA.


Ford Crown Victoria

Emergency Response Vehicle for Chief Jones

Personnel Carrier 659

1992 Chevrolet Suburban
Manpower Transportation Vehicle
Back-up Medical Responder Unit
Total Seating - 4

Officially retired as the primary Medical Unit in 2011, to make way for 651. Now assumes the role of Manpower 659, which is used to transport Firefighters to scenes or training, and also as the back-up medical unit.

Brush 641


1992 Ford F-350 Brush Truck (Homemade)
200 gpm pump
200 gallon tank
Total seating - 6
                                        THIS UNIT IS
                                     OUT OF SERVICE
                                        AT THIS TIME

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