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Why Be a Volunteer Fire Fighter


  • You Can either become a fire fighter, Rescue Technican, Or a EMT Medical Responder

  • We offer free education of becoming a firefighter, rescue technician, or an emergency medical technician.


  • NC retirement after 20 yrs. of service at the age of 55 that equals to $170.00 per month.


  • Receive an annual volunteer incentive of $5 dollars per call.


  • Reduce Aflac Insurance Rates


  • Met-Life Auto and Home Insurance


  • Scholarships


  • Use of a Travel Agency


  • 25% discount for eye exams and eyeglasses with Doctors Vision Center


  • Debit Card through the Credit Union


  • Free Accident and Health Insurance and Accident Death and Dismemberment Insurance

  • The filling and gratitude of helping others and those in need

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